Build from Source#

  • clone repo: git clone && cd manim_editor

  • install poetry dependencies: poetry install

  • enter poetry shell: poetry shell

  • install Pre-Commit: poetry run pre-commit install

  • install npm modules: npm ci

  • compile web files: npm run build_debug or npm run build_release

  • start editor in debug mode: manedit --debug

Files to be Updated when Bumping Version#

  • pyproject.toml

  • package.json

  • manim_editor/

  • docs/source/

A Brief History of the Manim Editor#

This project started in September 2021 as the Manim Web Presenter, which has been inspired by the Manim Presentation Repo. Back then Manim didn’t have any sections, therefore this functionality had to be implemented using wrappers around the Scene class and subclasses. This was an ugly solution, which turned obsolete with the implementation of the Section API. Since more and more features were requested, it made sense to re-design the project from scratch and give it another name: the Manim Editor. The Manim Editor repository got created in October and was moved under the ManimCommunity namespace in November.

These people directly participated in developing the Manim Editor (in order of first contribution):